The BEST Customized Pet Care in YOUR Home!

Pet care in YOUR home lowers your pets' stress when you are away.
By maintaining their routines in their own environment, they feel more secure.
You will have peace of mind knowing your furry/feathered family will be entrusted to ME,
not a kennel attendant, an employee, or a subcontractor.
Less Stress = Healthier & Happier!

Kenneling is not set up to provide the same level of customized care.
Do you want to pay extra for "extras" like transportation or late arrival? 
Do you want to deal with limited hours for picking up or dropping off your pets? 
Do you want to worry about safety issues or your pets' health while kenneled? 
Do you want the hassle of getting your pets to a boarding facility when you're rushing
to get away for a relaxing evening, weekend, or vacation? 

Why transport your pets to a strange environment with unknown animals?
With my service, they will receive plenty of loving, customized care in their own home.
With AM & PM visits, your home can be made to appear occupied by alternating blinds & lights
and retrieving mail & packages.

Daily exercise walks improve a dog's health & emotional well being.
A well exercised dog, who receives plenty of loving attention (and is neutered),
is less likely to be destructive or to act out.
Are YOUR dogs getting the exercise & attention they need each day to be calm, healthy and happy?


Overnight Pet Care & Housesitting
Exercise Walks for Dogs
Mt. Tabor Hikes for Dogs
Daily Pet Care Visits
Customized Puppy Care
Pet Taxi & Pet Supply Delivery
Pet Photos:  see (ef), below

Insured, Pet Sitters Associates, LLC
Certification, Red Cross Pet First Aid
Trainer  & Volunteer experience at  OHS
Member, Oregon Pet Sitters Association
Member, Portland Pet Sitters
Preferred Vendor,


Servicing Portland OR Since 2004

Elizabeth Fischer
The Pet Professional

      My Mission:  Provide THE BEST Customized Professional Pet Care!

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Upon our first meeting, we were impressed with Elizabeth's professionalism and credentials, and
the fact that she is willing to let Frida & Wyatt share the bed. We come home to satisfied customers:
  our dogs!  They are never stressed out or even overly-happily to see us! 
We feel lucky to have gotten on Elizabeth's growing client list early (2004) -  Susan B.

Elizabeth is extremely conscientious and loves animals.  She draws out our self-possessed cat,
provides our dog with plenty of exercise, and lavishes both animals with attention. 
I recommend her without reservation. -  Susan R.

Elizabeth is our savior.  Without her we couldn't go on a vacation, away for a few days or a
quick overnight trip.  She's given us peace of mind and shares the joys we have in our Westies. 
She loves them and it shows.  After all, isn't that really all that counts?
- Susan & Gary A.

It's hard to think of anyone I'd rather have than Elizabeth caring for my dogs. She has such fun with them! 
And seems to be an untiring walker.  Then, she was side by side with us as Tory was failing in her last years, sitting with her in the sun and encouraging her to move around and enjoy life.  Now that we have Molly, an adoptee who had been badly treated, Elizabeth was the first stranger Molly came right up to without cringing in fear. 
We look forward to lots of good times with Molly and Elizabeth! - Marge & Carl A.

Thanks for your thoughtful comments.  Seriously, Juno is a different dog since you've been here! 
Your assessments really inspired me.   - Pat J.

Thank you for all you have done taking care of Misha, as well as your advice and eye opening suggestions about his behavior issues.  Add me to your list of references!  -  Dhari B.

I feel blessed to have found you.  Thank you so much for all your help with my puppy, Zora! - Anne C.

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Susan B., 2008 (ef)

Age 4

I look forward to becoming a part of your Pet Care Team -  contact me for a free consultation!

Elizabeth Fischer
The Pet Professional
Heart & Hands Animal Care

"A nation's moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals." - Gandhi

My boy, Porter (ef)
            ( ef )